Matthew Dinaro

Matthew Dinaro is one half of Pom Pom's editorial team. Like most people in bourgeois America he was taught to write starting around the age of 4, doing it strictly to appease the incessant demands of his parents and other irksome adults--at this age he still much preferred talking. In first grade, his handlers irritated him even more, forcing him to start using lower-case letters when he hadn't even fully mastered upper case. In second grade, however, it dawned on him one day, doing a homework assignment, that he could write whatever he wanted, and that writing was just like talking except without the danger of being interrupted. So he scribbled his first sassy remark and has been fond of writing ever since. His first work was crudely-drawn comic strips, but in the quarter-century since he's written the constitution of an imaginary oligarchical republic, designed a trading card game, finished about a dozen or so short stories and started dozens more, created a complete website for an imaginary band in painstaking HTML, and composed well over 200 songs and poems, some of which are even good. 

In 2009, he actually started getting paid to write, helming the weekend arts and entertainment event listings for the Boston Metro newspaper. He held this gig until 2018, in which time he featured hundreds of local theater, dance, community, music, gallery, film, book, and other events, and wrote profiles of several rock groups including Bobb Trimble, the Vivian Girls, Earthquake Party, They Might Be Giants, Fat Creeps, Wolf Alice, Okkervil River, La Sera, Tennis, the Thermals, Esme Patterson, the comedians Bo Burnham and Eugene Mirman, and others he can't remember at present.  

In 2014, encouraged by his girlfriend at the time who preferred his writing to his music and hoping to get into an MFA program to delay his dim employment prospects, he began writing poetry at a furious pace, attempting to gain attention and acceptance in the world of "alt lit". Taking strong direction from the example of alt lit pioneer Steve Roggenbuck, he endeavored to share his work for free, directly to the reader--posting on Tumblr, recording videos on YouTube, and releasing audio chapbooks on Bandcamp. Almost no one looked at it, but he did earn postings in the certified hipster bastions of McSweeney's Internet TendencyVoicemail Poems, Electric Cereal, and Potluck. He has been rejected from Hobart somewhere around 4 times but he is convinced he will finally write something that "works" for them.  

In 2015, he moved from his native Massachusetts to Portland, Oregon, where he put poetry on the back burner and got back into rock n' roll, co-founding a indie rock/power pop group called the Toads. He also plays the bass guitar in the new band Streetcar Conductors. He also, when he gets a spare moment and isn't feeling apathetic, writes a Portland music blog. His literary activity is now mostly limited to editing Pom Pom with Irene, although he did complete a new chapbook, "Lack", in 2017.