Juleen Eun Sun Johnson


Crush a cigarette on a tree.
No one knows anything.

We all know coffee tastes as cold as coil in winter,
When the afternoon takes a bow.

A Golden Hawk sits in wait
                                       waiting for a squirrel to feel a tire for the first time.

We stress the importance of falling off, 
But time is a construct.

                          Like the time    JJ brought a dead Bob Cat home to the dorm.

                                                    JJ hung the carcass outside my window from a tree.

                          At night
                                                    JJ asked Brandon if the body could live in his refrigerator
with his dialysis bags.
                                                                      Brandon said, “What the Fuck Dude!”
                        The next day
                                                    JJ skinned the cat for a taxidermy class.

He accidently threw
the cat carcass in the dumpster

                                                                                                       on a homeless woman
                                                                                                       looking for bottles and cans.


Juleen Eun Sun Johnson has been published in printed publications, including Cirque: A Literary Journal, Nervous Breakdown, The Rio Grande Review, Yellow Chair, Apeiron Review, The Round, Unchaste Anthology Volume 1, and other journals. Johnson attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop Summer sessions. During this time Johnson studied with Professor James Galvin and Mark Leidner.  She read at: Prairie Lights and The Mill while she resided in Iowa City, Iowa. Johnson currently writes and creates art in Portland, OR.