Julia Wohlstetter


Come home with Pez, and bread, and trees.

Come without delay.

             Dream flesh
             Dream hair
             Green of the bitter sea

All bad ladies

of the highway rot.

Soon I must go
            Seam dress
            Preen flair,
            Scream of the bitter sea

From mountain’s guarded garden

adorned in skies of luxury

             Team letch
             Spring glare
             Sleeve of the bitter sea

My pools perform their respiration
My mouths devour and regurgitate

             Meme flesh
             Meme hair
             Spleen of the bitter sea


Julia Wohlstetter's work has appeared in Metatron, Bodega Magazine, The SILO, and The Chapess Zine. She is a graduate of The Independent Publishing Resource Center's Poetry Program and holds a BA in French and Photography from Bennington College. She is the author of the chapbook "Please and Please" and lives in Portland, OR.