Delphine Bedient



I keep hoping you’ll leave your hat
behind when you go so that I can
wear it when you mentioned
a thing you liked about me the other
day did you actually use the word love?


Could we ever be this
couple drinking coffee on
Saturday morning trick
question I work on Saturdays
but maybe Sunday I find
I can never quite have all the
answers there’s always
some part that I
leave up to you.


I want to show you these
trees swaying in the wind at
sunrise the place where I am
now is such a quiet place
anyway the man on the street was
yelling but he said he wasn’t yelling at me.


Delphine Bedient is a writer and maker currently based in Portland, Oregon.  Her work has been published by Blunderbuss Magazine, Fog Machine, and Spy Kids Review, and a collection of her short fiction, entitled "Down and Out on a Yacht," is available from Two Plum Press. She likes writing in cursive and wearing sunglasses.